Join the Calm and Connection for Families 5 day challenge 5th July 2021 with your host Tess Craufurd

Join the Calm and Connection 5 day challenge 5th July 2021 with your host Tess Craufurd

Free 5 day challenge to help you find calm and connection out of the chaos and stress that family life can bring
If you've ever felt frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed by family life then this challenge is perfect for you. 

Supporting children who struggle with anxiety, sleep, sensory or regulation issues can leave you feeling isolated, unheard and unsupported. It can pull at your heart strings so hard you feel they may break 

As an qualified Health Visitor (specialist public heath nurse), mother of 4 and trained in different massage techniques I want to take all that experience and share what I have learnt with you.

Touch and connection are fundamental in a human relationships so let's explore it further.

There are different ways you can use touch, massage. mindfulness and essential oils to bring relaxation, more understanding of emotions, awareness, feel more in control and become more calm and connected to those close to you

So that is what we will do in the challenge. This 5 day challenge is designed for all family members, giving you tools you can use with your child, they can use with you and ways that other adults in your life can support you too.

A daily short task
Download to support further
And Daily live to give more information and answer questions

Join today and let's start this journey together
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